Abbey Holme. 1890.

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Abbey Holme, 1890

Posted on 22nd October, 2016

Abbey Home, 1890

Abbey Holme


Built: 1869

Lost: 8th April 1890


Built in 1869, the 516 ton (gross) barque measured 48.1 x 8.6 x 5.2 metres, had three masts and was constructed of iron.  The vessel was owned by Hine Brothers (Holme Line) of Maryport. 

At around 14:00 hours of the 8th April 1890, during a north-easterly gale force storm, the barque, under the command of Captain John H. Rich made for the entrance to the Tyne but struggled.  Witnessed by a combination of bystanders, including the coastguard and South Shields Volunteer Life Brigade, aid was sent in the form of rocket equipment and a tug.


The tug managed to get the Abbey Holme in tow and proceeded to bring her into the harbour, but just before 16:00 the tow parted and the barque drifted towards the south pier.  Rocket equipment was again made available but it was possible to pass a line without it as the vessel struck the pier and began to be pushed along it until becoming stuck on a pile of rocks.


Captain J.H.Rich, his wife, Richard Bidwell (2nd Mate), Arthur Snowdon and W. Fitch (apprentices), and Thos. Bain, John Sowerby, Alex. Dalgleish, R. Adams, and J. Anderson (crew) were all rescued. 


The vessel had sailed earlier in the day from Leith.  The vessel, and salvageable material were sold at auction on the 16th April 1890 at the South Pier, South Shields.